Thursday, February 02, 2006

Planned network outage 17th Feb

Dear all,

I would like to advise you of a power outage which will affect our
equipment located in the Telewest Preston Head End Rack 5 (Lancaster
University Network Services Ltd).
The outage is taking place on 17.02.06 @ 00.01 to 02.00 and is due to the current UPS unit being replaced. This work will therefore disable your site/s internet connectivity for the specified period.
Inter-site connectivity within the network will not be effected.

I trust this outage is acceptable.

Kind Regards

Andy Ellis
Lancaster University Network Services Ltd
Network Operations Desk


At 6:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Do you have any jobs going at the moment? Particulalry in the design/planning department.

It's funny I went to Lancaster Uni and I did a telecoms degree but never heard of this company. Is it fairly new?

mail me at NJBrearley at Yahoo dot com


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