Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Free fax via your PC

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
free fax to email!
works for 30 days
How it works
Faxes can be Sent, Received, Saved, Filed, Forwarded and Tracked in seconds directly from your existing E-mail Client or Web-Mail Account. A transparent process, which occurs outside of your PDA, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Servers and Network with Traffic being forwarded through Fax2Mails high-speed, high-volume global network, essentially a managed service.

When Receiving a fax, Fax2Mail automatically converts the fax to an Adobe PDF (Free Download of Adobe Reader available here) or TIFF file attachment and forwards it to the assigned user's e-mail address, with ‘notification’ in the subject line.

When Sending a fax, Fax2Mail supports virtually all common document types including spreadsheets and graphic images. These are then automatically converted to outbound faxes and forwarded to the number provided.


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