Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the village cricket match

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The scarecrow cricket match was livestreamed from the village of wray on Easter Monday 2011.
This was a world first. There is an archive of the stream here twicket
The event is part of the scarecrow festival, but because the village is also a living lab for Lancaster University they are one of only three rural locations in the UK with the 'upload' capabilities to send content like this to the internet. It was an experiment thought up on twitter and organised by @johnpopham and his twitter friends. At one point 2700 people were watching the livestream, just think of the carbon footprint saved as folk from all over the world tuned in to watch the fantastic livestream provided by aquilaTV. @gabysslave on twitter. She commented that they could have streamed even higher quality footage but they had to turn it down because the people in Birmingham couldn't download it! This has surely proved the point that the phone network can no longer cope with what people want to do on the internet, and its time to light some fibre.
Many people also livestreamed from their phones, like this one of the breakdancing kid (@bpoolteacher: #Twicket "dancing Kid" was not called Billy, but Adam Mitchell. The one shoe routine was a new one!) and many in the village watched online, but the network built by @mirdin for the P2Pnext project managed to cope with it all. This could not have been done on phoneline connections. We need access to ubiquitous, fit for purpose connectivity to get a truly digitalbritain, providing content to the world. JFDI.



At 11:15 am, Blogger Braceman said...

Glad to see something so traditional as the English Village cricket match has a role to play in cyberspace!
Can we have the IPL next? Or Warwickshire Bears from the new Edgbaston? Come on you Bears and your new star Varun Chopra, two double centuries in 4 innings-fantastic-a 'Star is Born' which is great to see IMO.


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