Monday, April 03, 2006

New photography project

Project Description
The University are currently looking at ways of using "situated displays" to support the community of Wray as well as to provide a communication channel for the village. When they talk about situated displays they mean electronic displays of various sizes (from a small mobile phone screen through to large plasma/TV screen). The display will probably be located in the Village Hall - though it may also be accessible through your own PC. If you can think of a better location for a display please tell us. The display could be interactive, with a touch screen or equipped with wireless technologies so that you could upload pictures, videos, sound, etc. to the display from your mobile phone, PDAs, laptop computer or via the web. We are interested in finding out from you how communal activities and information are currently recorded and displayed in Wray as well as learning how you think this might be improved.
If you would like to take part in the project please email us on this LINK = project(at)
Your Participation in the project will consist of:

1. Keep a scrapbook. Put any materials you wish in to the scrapbook: photos, drawings, maps, ticket stubs, random thoughts etc. We'll also provide you with polaroid cameras and electronic materials so that you can provide digital photos, video, mobile phone images or even sound recordings. These can either be returned to us on the camera, or uploaded to the blog. Visit the blog for more info on how to upload your stuff.
2. Be creative. What would you do with the situated displays? How might you like it to look? What other technologies do you think could be used to support village activities and add to general sense of community in Wray? Remember, no idea is crazy!! Give us your whacky, unreasonable, or funny ideas (as well as some sensible ones too J).
Some possible ideas…

· Give some examples of activities that are initiated, organised or coordinated through the message boards in Wray.

· Take a photo of any message that would not be appropriate for display on a public message board.

· Take a photo of your favourite part of Wray tell us about why it is your favourite.

· Take a photo that you think captures the sense of Wray as a community.
Thanks for reading this!


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