Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lins in the Lombard

Click here to listen to the interview
Lindsey Annison, one of the team from CBN who helped us get a broadband network going in the area is in the Lombard rally raising money for the air ambulance. This interview with her was on radio Lancashire.

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At 8:53 am, Anonymous lins said...

still going strong. started 83rd thurs. early start fri as we were
very surprised to be 35th so left 35mins after leaders not 83! big
learning curve -when n how to call bends and hazards, reading tulips,
timing and penalties, (requires a lifetime study),rally etiquette, how
to ever find time to eat, etc etc.
then amazingly on saturday am we`d moved up another place. for anyone
who doesn`tknow about this,raceresults are posted at 5am. the first
cars start to leave parc ferme from 6 or 6.30 at 1 min intervals
depending on current place. so we had to leave 34mins after current
leader. it was get up time!
then sat - another place 34.hard work adding 34mins to all car zero
times to work out when we need to be everyhwere at 6.40am! great
forest sections. dave is so fast we have caught up a few people and
overtaken one. trouble is others have much faster cars but best result
on a selectif is 17th. which is amazing really. anyway done 500 miles
and moresince early this morn. tis now 4am and with any luck we will
be off before 9am. carzero is8.10.

At 8:57 am, Blogger chris said...

Lins dave and chas finished 29th and won class 4.
congratulations from all at Wray and Wennington


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