Thursday, April 20, 2006

Computer Club news - camera project

The university chaps came out tonight with the packs for the camera project. They distributed polaroid, disposable and usb video cameras to people who are taking part. Full instructions for the usb cameras are on this link
I will post a resume in a comment to this post.


At 10:23 pm, Blogger chris said...

Store’n’Go 5 in 1 Rev 03.04 6/16 English
Charging Charge up your 5 in1 Store’n’Go about 2.5 hours before using it. Turn on your computer and connect the 5 in1 Store’n’Go to your computer. It will begin to charge the battery.

Transferring files to your PC Connect 5 in1 Store’n’Go to your computer's USB port to transfer your files. Caution Do not unplug the 5 in1 Store’n’Go during file transferring.

Taking Pictures, Recording Audio and Movie Clips Press Power to turn on 5 in1 Store’n’Go. Press the Mode button to change operating mode. dc Displayed = Digital Camera -Press Snap button to take a picture. When you take a picture, LCM will show 99 - 01 to indicate the percentage of the free memory.

Ac Displayed = Audio Clip Recorder -Press Snap button to record an audio clip and press Snap button to stop it.
du Displayed = Digital Video Recorder -Press Snap button to record movie and press Snap button again to stop it.
St Displayed =Settings -Change HI or Lo setting by pressing Snap button.
Ft Displayed = Format -Press Snap button and ready for formatting. Co will flash, then press Snap button to format. Ft will flash. Lb Displayed -Meaning low battery. The machine will beeps then turn itself off.

LEDColour Description AMBER
Taking a Movie Clip YELLOW
Taking a Audio Clip GREEN
Taking a picture BLANK Format Mode

LCM Display
dc Digital Camera Mode
Ac Audio Clips Mode
du Movie Clips Mode
St Setting Mode
Ft Format Mode
Co Confirm
HI Hi Setting
Lo Low Setting
99 indicates percentage of free memory(99% free memory)
Hd Flash Storage Mode
CA WebCam Mode
do Transfer Data Out
di Transfer Data In
Lb Low Battery

At 10:24 pm, Blogger chris said...

If you want to use the camera as a webcam you will have to download the drivers, as no disks were supplied.

At 9:14 am, Blogger chris said...

download the movie converter program or the webcam software here:

At 8:48 pm, Blogger chris said...

Need more cameras! More people have asked if they can take part in this project, if anybody wants to start taking photos with their own cameras until the next delivery please do, and just write a post it note to say where, why, and when you took it. More cameras should be here later in week.


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