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family search

> I am writing to you from Ontario Canada. I am doing research on the Wray
> Family tree. This is My mothers family. I would really appreciate any
> help you can give me. Is there a Wray family in the area? Can you put me
> in contact with someone who might have information on the family. I have
> a record of Andrew Wray born on 1821 in Holdgate England. Thank you so
> much for your help. Jennifer, Canada
Please post any info in 'comments'.


At 7:43 pm, Anonymous Gill Bowman said...

Have you asked Cath Halstead about this ?

At 7:46 pm, Blogger chris said...

good thinking, will ask her now

At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Cath said...


My mothers maiden name was Wray - her mum moved to Wray in the 1950's - my Mums brother - John - is now living Scotland and will have more info than I can remember - I will contact him with this link

At 3:26 pm, Anonymous Jennifer in Canada said...

thank you Cath
Jennifer in Canada

At 2:51 am, Anonymous jen said...

Any word from your brother?

At 10:00 pm, Blogger Fay Fraser said...

G'day from Australia. I ws named after the Film Star Fay Wray ( Original King Kong Version). I saw the town where Fay Wray was born.. Cardston. Alberta Canada. there is a park named after her a lovely surrounding.

At 9:26 pm, Blogger John said...

Hello Jennifer, I am Catherine's Uncle John, our branch of the Wray Family can be traced back to East Yorkshire.My Grandfather Septimus(The 7th Son of a 7th Son)was born in the 1850's at the Village of Nafferton.This branch of the Wray family only appeared in Wray Village in 1958 after moving from Heysham Head,also in Lancashire. As far as I know, the family had no previous connection with the Village.

At 4:44 am, Anonymous jennifer in Canada said...

Hello "Uncle John" Thank you for your info. I am just guessing about the lovation of this family. I really have very little to go on except a few inconsistant cencus records. Do you know if any of the family moved to Canada or the USA?

At 6:35 am, Blogger chris said...

Hi Jennifer,
hope uncle john sees your post.
Have you tried this mormon site a friend is using it at the moment and she says it is quite good

At 1:49 pm, Anonymous jennifer in canada said...


At 9:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John says:Granfather Septimus had six brothers. I understand that some of these brothers went to Canada/America. Grandfather went to America to visit in the early 1930's and returned hurriedly after seeing a drive by shooting!
Unfortunately we have had no contact with any of the family out there.
What sparse information do you have of the people you know of?
Do you know where they originated from, specifically what part of England?

At 3:43 am, Anonymous jennifer in Canada said...

Andrew Wray came fom Holdgate England. He was born in 1821. He married Lucinda Cheathan and had 4 kids before moving to the US around 1852. I would love any info you might have that connects to my family. My E mail address is if you would like to contact me directly.

At 4:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer of Canada, I am a great grandson of Septimus Wray, one of his brothers moved to Philadelphia around 1900. One of Sep's daughters was still in contact with the family in the 1960s. Rumour has it that another brother joined the Klondike Gold rush and was never heard from again. One of Sep's sons, Archibald, moved to Barss Corner, Nova Scotia in the '30s,and died there in the '60s.

At 11:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi My name was Lesley Wray before I married my dad is called Harry Wray and his dad was Ernest Wray he was a coalman I think and lived in Salford Manchester. Harry did have a brother called Arthur who passed away about 7 years ago.

Ernest Married Alice Mary Kay or Mary Alice Kay who came from a welsh family I believe, some of her family went over to Canada.
Often wondered about the heritage of the name Wray. Dadi is 78 has dark/black hair, brown eyes quite swarthy, but has the same problem as Margaret thatcher the claw hand which I beleive is from scandinavian origin, only people with this background have the problem. Lesley

At 12:14 pm, Blogger Ebor.fiddler said...

Holdgate is in Shropshire, but there is a Holgate in York (though it was outside when your man was born) and most of the 19thC Wrays came from this area or from the East Riding of Yorkshire.

At 9:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my name is Hedeta Wray, My father's name was Headley Wray and his father's name was Henry Wray, I learn from a Family member who lived in England in the 60s that my grandfather's father came from england;well three brothers came over from england to the caribbean to settle, married carribbean women and have children who then moved all over the caribbean. My grandfather Henry came to Jamaica where his wife conceive Headley Wray my father, i think he had other sons who moved back to Canada i was told by this relative i met, while in search of my father's family. I am yet to have some solid connection with family memebers. You see Cathrine My father died the September before i was born in an accident, so i know what it is like to not have a connection. Wishing you all the best and i hope you find your Family and if u ever feel the need to talk my e-mail address is and if any blogggers out their who have some info on myfather, grandfather, greatgrand, aunty uncles, i welcome info

At 5:00 am, Anonymous Simon in California said...

Hi, i have gotten some great leads to my wray lineage but i was wondering if anyone here has any info:

1. James WRAY was born about 1805 in Preston, Lancs. He died in 1863. Death registered Bramham 1Q 1863. Surname sometimes Reay in earlier records.
Not yet found in 1841 census index.
1851 census aged 46, flax dresser, living in Clifford cum Boston, Yorks, with wife and eight children. James, Catherine, Elizabeth and Jane indexed as surname May.
1861 census aged 56, flax dresser, living at Harrison's Buildings, Clifford cum Boston, Yorks, with wife, five children and a grandson (William Hill aged 7 born Tadcaster).

He was married to Catherine BOULTON on 10 Jul 1828 in Preston. Married at Saint John, Preston. Catherine BOULTON was born about 1810 in Preston, Lancs. 1851 census aged 41, with husband and eight children.

At 12:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Wray reatives from Lincolnshire England? I have a been working on my family tree and I have back to Isaac Wray b. 1812. Please contact me at

At 3:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer ,I"ve only been online 4 months,looking for wrays,this is what I have so far;Obadiah w Wray b1843askrig west riding yorks.son of thomas&jane wray aynsgarth age 28 of hamilton township(cobourg)ontario married elizabeth jane kerbyson b 1850 age 21 of kirkby township july 21 1871 at cobourg.they had at least one child robert b1875 he married elizabeth(lizzie)m reed b 1870 in hamilton 1895 they had two sons that I know of charles b 1898 & rowland b 1900,from there,I"m stuck. I have them still in hamilton (cobourg) 1911 census. obadiah is my great uncle,my grandmother ,margaret wray was his niece .she died under tragic circumstances nov 1919 by the end of feb 1920 two of her four children were dead , leaving my mother irene catharine,age 9 and theadore (with the 'a')age 2. we grew up believing their were no relatives. my family looked for ted & obadiah for 10yrs.I found obadiah in 5 mins ! they were looking in the US.I looked in Canada.Voila! There are tons of wrays, this is what i"ve discovered, First,ascertain birth with parents & location. because that info allways shows up on marriage certs.and marriages usually occur at 20 + - 3yrs children usually pop out 2, 3,or 4 years later. check border crossings, ships embarcation & disembarcation,especially Liverpool. I"m phoning wrays around ,Linsay,Peterborough,Port Hope & environs.I"ve got about 60#s"

At 10:57 pm, Anonymous Jackie said...

Comment on the last post. Robert William Wray was born in York, England in 1871, he married Lizzie Emily Reeve (b.1870 in Great Waltham, Essex) in 1891 in York, England. They had 4 children, Florence Madge (b 1891), Charles Reeve (b.1898), Ronald Redvers MacDonald (b.1900) & Phyllis Alice Mary (b 1903). They emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario in 1905 and settled there, the 2 sons becoming undertakers in the city. I am related in that Robert William's father (William Henry Wray) was my great grandfather's brother.

Would be pleased to hear from anyone else doing Wray research (

At 5:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obadiah Wray

I am related to Elizabeth Jane Kerbyson through her parents David Kerbyson & Susan Waun.

Obadiah William Wray & Elizabeth Jane Kerbyson did not have a child named Robert. Obadiah & Elizabeth had 5 children: Mary Ellen 1872, David 1875, Susan Jane 1880, Thomas 1885, Effie May 1889.

1881 Canadian Cenus
London East, Middlesex Co., Ontario
Enumerated - April 1881

William WRAY - married, male, English, age 38, born in England, occ. laborer, Rel. Latter-Day Saints
Jane - married, female, English, age 31, born in Ontario, Rel. Latter-Day Saints
Mary Ellen - single, female, English, age 9, born in Ontario, Rel. Latter-Day Saints
David - single, male, English, age 5, born in Ontario, Rel. Latter-Day Saints
Susan Jane - single, female, English, age 1 Born: Jul; 9/12, born in Ontario, Rel. Latter-Day Saints

In 1884 Obadiah & Elizabeth immigrated to Michigan where son Thomas was born 1885 in Mussey Twp., St. Clair Co. & Effie May was born 1889 in Mussey Twp. By 1892 Obadiah & Elizabeth had divorced or seperated. Obadiah returned to England and remarried Martha Griffiths 1892 in Liverpool.

Elizabeth remarried to Russell Duntley 1894 in Denton Twp., Washtenaw Co., MI. 1900 census Elizabeth is living with her son Dave Wray in Canton Twp., Wayne Co., MI. in 1910 she is listed in Ypsilanti City, Washtenaw Co., MI. under Jane Wray. In 1920 she is still living in Ypsilanti under Elizabeth Wray with her dau. effie & her husband John Yedley.

Mary Ellen married Frank Miles 1889 in Port Huron. 1 child Roy md. Jenny Brophy. Mary Ellen then remarried Jerome Cole in 1895. Frank Miles remarried in 1905 to Clara Hill.

David Wray md. Elizabeth Scheurer 1911 in Ypsilanti.

Susan md. Arthur Smith 1906 in Ypsilanti. 4 children: Donald 1908, Wray 1909, Pearl 1912, Lois 1916

Thomas md. Edith Cox after 1910

Effie md. John Yedley 1907 in Ypsilanti. 1 child: Gilford 1909.

At 4:24 pm, Anonymous James Wray said...

Hello, I am Also a Wray

I won't put information on my Direct Family tree online to the public due to issues within ATM however if you would like to Contact me directly I will happily go though what I know and with any luck help you out.

you can Hit me at,

and My Name is James Wray

At 11:05 pm, Anonymous Lindsay Jones said...


I am Lindsay Jones. Septimus Wray was the father in law of my grandmother, Alice Dean from Ilkley in W Yorkshire, England. Sadly her marriage to Archibald Walter Wray didn't last and the report here in the siyte about him moving to Canada fits in with what I have been told by other members of the family. Septimus Wray was quite a character in Ilkley - if you haven't done so already Google him Septimus Wray, Ilkley and you will see loads of interesting things about him running a zoo and pleasure garden and setting up a (now very posh) restuarant called the box tree. I don't have much info about the Wrays as my father had a different father, but Ilkley is the place to start!


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